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Customer Testimonials On Yelp


Nassar S.

I received a water bill that was 4x our usual monthly bill and called J Drains to come help diagnose the problem. Jason and his assistant did a couple tests and found that there was a leak outside the house. They considered digging up the main line but took a the extra time to explore the crawl space, which helped find the exact location of the leak, which turned out to be in our irrigation system. Jason was super helpful, was straight forward with his pricing and explanation of the problem, and finished the job quickly despite running into additional complications related to previous shoddy plumbing work. His price was high but not unreasonable, and the fact that he was able to quickly and correctly diagnose the problem almost certainly ended up saving us money compared to working with someone who has less experience. I was especially appreciative that he was happy to explain things to me and answer questions despite me being relatively clueless about plumbing. I'd recommend J Drains to others, especially for more complex work. Experienced and honest business owners.


Jayan P.

Jason Jnr. and Jason Snr. attended my property on time. Both totally professional and courteous. The job was a blocked toilet and sink in the main bedroom. Not only did they clear it but they replaced the wax ring and repaired everything with a 30 day warranty. Additionally they cleared a blocked sink in the adjacent bathroom. I recommend J Drains to you all!


Brent P.

Jason has been doing work for my family for over ten years. He's replaced a sewer main, cleared our lines and recently saved us in an emergency when our general contractor's plumbing subcontractor made a big mistake or our job. J Drains is a plumber you can trust.


Foxy L.

It is good to have a handyman who is dependable and flexible. My pool pipes were blocked so I called Jason and he scheduled Pablo to come over and fix the problem. Pablo worked diligently to clear the blockage and my pool is working again. So whether it is a sewer drain, a bathroom faucet or an outside pool blockage, Jason the owner can be relied upon to fix it.


Jason M.

Best company in the Bay area take pride in their work We treat each and every customer like a member of our family never take advantage.


Randy L.

[UPDATE] 3-months after my review the toilet started backing up again similar to how it first started. I called up J-Drains and they sent somebody who arrived about an hour later. He found that Angelo had not used piping sealant when they were fitted together and so he'd need to apply it to all the new work they performed. He was really apologetic and said there would be no charge as this is covered per their warranty. Performed the fix in about 2-3 hours and let me keep the new tarp he had bought which he used to lay down in the crawlspace during the job. I'd deduct 1/2-star if I could for the inconvenience, but he seemed genuinely concerned that they had done a poor job and had a nice attitude. It's been 9-months since then and no problems.


Michele B.

I literally sent a message and Jason replied back within minutes! He asked if I needed someone tonight or if I could wait till tomorrow morning.. I mentioned tonight would be nice... sent my addy then Jason messaged me back saying tech will be here in a 1/2 hour! Great communication and quick... keep you posted on final review... so far, this company's customer service is on point!


Sally D.

J Drains does it all -- including changing flat tires for people in need! Frank from J Drains was at the gas station I pulled into with a flat tire. Since he was on-call, he had some time to help me. He was so kind, friendly, generous with his time and a pleasure to chat with while he changed my tire. Thank you so much! I will definitely call J Drains if I have any plumbing issues!


Matt R.

I called many plumbing companies an Friday after thanksgiving 2 answered, the first one wasn't able to send someone until Monday for a bathtub/shower faucet cartridge that I could not get out. The second one that answered was Jason from J Drains. He was busy and asked me to send a picture to help me fix this myself. He said I was on the right track and to keep working on it because he would be a couple of hours and if I removed the cartridge give him a call so he wouldn't have to come by. I finally gave up and waited for Jason to arrive and he worked until it was removed, installed the replacement I had purchased and all was done. I even asked him for a tip on my kitchen faucet which had low flow on the hot. Not only did he give the tip he did some investigating and found the problem at no extra charge. I am very happy with J Drains. If you need a plumber do not hesitate to call them.


Lucie R.

I have used J Drains a few times, for drain cleaning and plumbing installation. This past week I called to ask them to quote a price on kitchen faucet replacement. Alex came out to my home, he advised me on the faucet purchase, quoted me a fair price, and came back the next day for a quick, easy and friendly installation.


Melissa B.

Great service. Jason got help out to us fast and Jose worked diligently until the problem was solved. By far the best price in the area. Thank you! 


Jamie G.

I called J Drains on Sunday night at 10pm, and we had a plumber out about 12 hours later at my mom's place, because it wasn't a major plumbing emergency that required late night service. Jason was really nice over the phone, and I was impressed by the customer service from him, as well as the other guy I spoke with this morning. They cleared out a clogged kitchen sink really fast and have a fantastic rate for this service. I definitely would recommend them to friends needing fast and reliable plumbers. They also don't charge the higher rates that some of the bigger names quoted us, and those other places required that you pay a 1 hour minimum. J Drains also offer a 30 day warranty on their service, which I was happy to hear and hopefully won't have to use.


Janie O.

I couldn't be happier with J Drains! I've had to call their service late night on two separate occasions, for different reasons, and both times they came out immediately and were able to fix the problem for me. J Drains has reliable, friendly staff and is fast and affordable. They even guarantee their work for 30 days. I was quoted almost double by a competitor who seemed bothered by my call and am so glad I called around and had J Drains come out instead. I wouldn't hesitate to call again and highly recommend them!


Honeya O.

These guys are as advertised...fast, reliable, knowledgeable, and straight-shooters. I called J Drains and they were able to solve my problem within 24 hours. I noticed a bit of a backup in one of my drains and figured I'd get a bottle of Draino...needless to say after wasting $15 and an hour trip to the hardware store I got on Yelp and called a few services. J Drains was the not only the best priced, but they said they could come out later that afternoon. I was busy that evening so we scheduled them to come by in the morning and they showed up promptly as promised. Within about an hour of their service, they'd completely resolved the problem and even showed me the tree roots that were blocking the line. They even ran a camera and rooted my line a second time just to make sure they got it all. Turns out that I will need a bit of a repair on the street line and this is something I'm going to use J Drains for as well! Highly Recommend these guys!


Zhuoling F.

The service is so good. Respond time fast and seems like they are well prepared. I would definitely recommend them to others.


Laura T.

J Drains is a great company. I called on a Saturday morning and they were at my house 45 minutes later. I had a clog in my garage drain and sewage was coming up! They knew exactly what to do and the clog was cleared up in 10 minutes. I would highly recommend this company!


Kristina D.

Thank you so much to Eric for coming out and fixing my broken kitchen sink! Not only were you courteous and quick, but you were funny too! Thanks again for your help! Would definitely use again (fingers crossed I won't need to haha) and would definitely recommend!


Foxy L.

Jason the owner was very responsive my request for a bid to replace the Faucet and divertor valve on one of my condos. I was able to coordinate with my tenant and Jason electronically. I bought a $200 voucher from Jason up front and Jason went to work right away.  He purchased the replacement faucet and diverter valve from nearby Home Depot and had the job done fast. My tenant just called to say that Jason had done a good job. All fast work without actually seeing or talking to Jason. That demonstrates Jason's integrity and I will ask him for any of my forthcoming maintenance projects on my several condos.


Tabitha P.

My mom called this company and Alex came to her home about a plumbing issue. He resolved it in one visit and was kind and reasonable in cost! She has called him again for another tough issue and has made multiple visits to make sure it is done right for her. I would highly recommend him and this company for any plumbing issue you may have! Thank you Alex for taking such good care of my mom :)


Kevin T.

I called J Drains 4 years after they did service on my house when I had a problem and the owner took me through step by steps directions to help me get it fixed without charge....even followed up with me 30 minutes later to make sure my problem was solved. If you are looking for a plumber you can trust I highly recommend the J Drains team.


Ken F. from San Jose, CA

Angelo did a fabulous job! Our issues required a new city clean-out with many tree roots. During that job he gave me a very fair estimate on a new copper water supply line. I am extremely satisfied with both jobs and highly recommend J Drains. They are fair and honest, a rare quality these days.


Kim H. from San Jose, CA

I came home from vacation to multiple plumbing issues.  The faucet in my master bathroom was broken and leaking and I had dirty water backing up into my washing machine.  Those were the two issues that I was aware of and what prompted my call.  
I called J Drains on a Saturday on a holiday (Easter) weekend and they were able to get someone out to my house within the hour.  Angelo showed up and walked me through what was happening in my house.  He explained everything and answered all of my questions.  He was even so kind as to take pictures of the leak happening under my kitchen sink (another issue that I was unaware of) so I could see what was happening without crawling under my house.  
The big item was the blockage in the sewer line and no access point to clean it.  Before I knew it they were waist deep in my front yard to gain access.  Angelo cleared the blockage, installed a new pipe, created an access point for clean out, and then returned everything to how it was before.  He even salvaged a plant that was over the dig site.  
The customer service was not just stellar, it truly was above and beyond.  I appreciated the time and effort Angelo took to resolve my issues. I will definitely be recommending their services to all my friends and family.


Craig F. from San Francisco, CA

Came out on short notice, late on a Friday evening for a busted water main. The issue itself is a long story, but their integrity and helpfulness was top notch. J Drains will be my first phone call for any future plumbing issues.


Danielle S. from San Jose, CA

A couple of years ago, our water tank leaked. Called J Drains & they replaced it. Very happy with their service. They worked practically all day looking for a tank for us, draining the old one & installing the new one. The new tank ended up being a defective tank (manufacturer defect). Had so many issues with it. Called manufacturer several times & kept getting the run around. Constantly trouble shooting on the phone. Called Jason back at J Drains & he handled the matter in his own hands. He dealt with the manufacturer - he did what he had to do & was able to have our tank exchanged. Jason sent 2 of his employees back to our house to replace the  tank in just a matter of hours.  Great customer service! Will def. use them again.


Randy L. from Santa Clara, CA

This review is specifically for Angelo of J Drains - we needed two bathrooms re-plumbed due to shoddy contractor work from years back, and we had massive root intrusion into our terra cotta pipes from our 70-year old house; all this led to our toilets backing up one morning so I called J Drains based off Yelp reviews and their ability to be at our home within an hour.
Angelo replaced 65-ft of sewage line under the house with minimal disruption and surprisingly little upheaval of our front yard (he used a trenchless pipe lining machine). The city inspector who came after it was completed remarked that it was one of the best and cleanest jobs he'd seen. Under our bathrooms Angelo also helped to clean out the mess of pipes and simplified the network to make it drain better as the previous contractors had improperly sloped them and had too many joints which caused leaks in our crawlspace; Angelo cleaned all that mess up too.
All the work took almost two-weeks, and Angelo did most of it himself. He worked late (up until 10PM some nights, he can work quietly) and is meticulous with details. I really appreciated his hard work and dedication, he was very responsive over the phone and his price was fair considering the hours, scope, and cleanliness of his work.


Ray I. from San Jose, CA

J drains is a quality and trustworthy company in willow glen. Great plumbing technicians that do clean honest work. They offer prompt service with very reasonable prices. I would highly recommend them to family and friends.


Colleen W. from Berkeley, CA

Very reasonable price. They did the work well. They helped me clean up a little bit, too. Nice people!


Angel G. from Cupertino, CA

I called this morning at 8:58 am, desperate because my dishwasher was backing up into my kitchen and my sink was clogged to the top! Jason asked where I was located and assured me he could get someone there within the hour. Less than 20 minutes later, Alex arrived at my door. He was polite, friendly, and didn't mind all of my questions! He also gave me a very thorough understanding of many of my current appliances and even the plumbing that he wasn't going to be working with! Within an hour later and at an affordable cost, I had a working sink and dishwasher!  I am locking this company's phone number in my contacts because it is awesome to know a plumber that is reliable and trust-worthy. When I need work done in the future, I am coming to J Drains and would love to have Alex work on my home again!

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